Prokriti O Jibon Foundation (POJF), founded in 2009 with the slogan “Better Life in Balanced Nature”, has been working since its inception to create awareness regarding the conservation of nature, biodiversity, sustainable management of ecosystem, environment, and conducting nationwide capacity building campaigns on disaster management, resilience, and climate change adaptation and mitigation among the mass people. The foundation specializes in video documentaries on wildlife, natural resources, eco-friendly products, flora and fauna, environmental issues, climate change adaptation & mitigation, research (ranging from ecosystem to species level); nature-related publications (e.g. DVDs, Books, Magazines, Calendars, Leaflets, Infographics, Banner, Festoon, Flyer, Storybook, Factsheet, Brochure, Newsletter, Booklet etc.) and producing TV Series, TV Talk Show, Documentaries, Roundtable Meetings, AVC, TV Spot.

Documentation of stories related to bringing positive social change with Behavioral Change Communications, building capacity, and creating mass awareness, has always been a critical aspect of our continued success and progress. In doing so we have achieved the capacity and practical experience required to take on a project of great magnitude and successfully drive it to completion with integrity.


Message from the chairman

The world’s climate is changing. The temperature is rising for different reasons. Throughout the world, we are facing various environmental problems like sea level rise, tsunamis, floods, drought, and so on. Human activities are mostly responsible for these problems. Excessive deforestation for firewood, timber, and housing; using chemical fertilizers and insecticides for increasing the productivity of crops; throwing out untreated industrial wastes to the waterbodies, etc. are continuously threatening our biodiversity, climate, and nature.

The situation needs to be changed as soon as possible. We have to think of our future generation. To make a green planet for us, we need to protect and conserve nature, the environment as well as biodiversity. The sustainable use of natural resources and eco-friendly technology can be the principal way of conservation. Only our collective efforts can save this planet from destruction. So, to make a better world for our descendants we should start working right now.

With this in mind, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation (Nature and Life Foundation) was founded in 2009 with the slogan “Better Life in Balanced Nature”, to create awareness regarding biodiversity, ecosystem, environment, nature, and climate change adaptation and mitigation among the mass people and hence to encourage sustainable development.



Our achievement stands as a testament to our profound expertise, relentless dedication, and meaningful contributions as we are working for a green Bangladesh and building awareness on environmental and climate issues. It symbolizes not only our triumph over formidable challenges but also the realizing our visionary objectives in fostering a harmonious existence within a balanced natural world. This achievement resonates with the recognition of our unwavering efforts to build a “Better Life in Balanced Nature.” These remarkable feats hold the potential to ignite inspiration and drive countless individuals. By highlighting our achievements, we unveil a compelling history of exceptional performance and offer concrete substantiation of our continuous evolution and advancement.


We take pride in our innovative and dedicated projects that showcase the power of teamwork, resulting in impressive achievements toward a greener Bangladesh. Each venture represents a successful journey that overcame challenges and significantly contributed to improving society. Our initiatives span globally, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to addressing the diverse challenges of nature conservation. Through every project undertaken and every challenge surmounted, we’ve evolved, grown, and contributed in shaping a better world. The tangible outcomes of our projects speak volumes. We have proven time and again that with determination and dedication, true transformation is within reach.





The landmark is not just a destination; it’s a culmination of countless hours, boundless passion, and the collective drive of every individual who has contributed to achieving these landmarks. Our landmarks are more than mere milestones; they’re bright starts for us and beacons of our unwavering commitment, shining brightly amidst challenges and triumphs. Each landmark represents a chapter of progress, etching stories of challenges, and transformation into the fabric of our organization. We draw inspiration from our past accomplishments and channel it into a determination for a brighter future. Our journey continues, and each landmark is a promise that our impact will ripple forward, creating waves of change that touch the lives of many.


In our continuous endeavor we have been most fortunate to receive cooperation from people of every sphere of the society. But these works wouldn’t be possible without the partnership and cordial collaboration of our development partners, including many Government, non-government, national and international organizations.