The Country Environmental Assessment, jointly conducted by the Bangladesh government and the World Bank, has identified air pollution as the leading cause of mortality and morbidity related to environmental issues in Bangladesh. In fact, the severity of the crisis and the health burden of air pollution has been found to be comparable to that of access to clean water and sanitation. Addressing this extreme level of urban air pollution could potentially be saving 1,200 to 3,500 lives annually and avoid 80 to 230 million cases of illness. In this context, POJF, in association with the Department of Environment of the Bangladesh Government, has conducted the Combating Air Pollution with Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) Project.
Under this project POJF has designed, led, and implemented a nationwide Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Campaign to fight the evils of air pollution. Facilitating mass multimedia campaigns, POJF has produced and telecast TVC, TV Talk Shows, and Roundtable Discussions. Facilitating nationwide print media campaigns POJF has produced and published newspaper advertisements, leaflets, booklets, banners, posters and stickers. POJF has also conducted ground level campaigns, seminars, workshops, focus group discussions, yard meetings, and training sessions. The project achievements include rising awareness among the mass people, inclusive approach towards the local people living in the Protected Areas, ensuring their participation, successfully conducting group formation and skill development workshops. The project has also facilitated knowledge transfer on air pollution among brick field and transportation workers and owners; distribution of IEC materials; training to promote environment-friendly brick fields and vehicles; control air pollution and improve human health.

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